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Flax fiber – the sustainable alternative to carbon fiber

Organic fibers, such as flax fiber, are the sustainable alternative to carbon fiber. 🌱 We have been following this trend towards natural fiber-reinforced plastics for some time and have already implemented both design and structural components in OEM quality.

And for good reason, because the benefits of flax fiber are diverse:

  • excellent CO2 balance

  • easily recyclable (no hazardous waste!)

  • tear-resistant

  • flexible and elastic

  • thermally stable

  • translucent if necessary

But it's not just flax fibers that now cover the interior and exterior components of modern (electric) automobiles; hemp, eucalyptus and kenaf are also used. Nevertheless, we prefer flax because it is mainly grown in Western Europe and therefore represents the most sustainable value chain.

This fiber will certainly make a name for itself and find its way into series production and the after-sales market. We are definitely working on it and offer our customers the full service: design, development and production – from sketch to reality!


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