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Regardless of whether it is operating load determination of individual components, multi-body simulations or entire vehicle simulations – we anticipate real driving tests and simulate their operational stability even before products are implemented.


For newly developed vehicles or their components, the question often arises of suitable loads in order to test the components for suitable strength or rigidity or to be able to design a component .
We have developed analytical tools that can be used to generate operating loads for various driving maneuvers based on basic vehicle data. These loads can be transferred to any component of the vehicle using multi-body simulation. Our operating load determination tool is validated with measured data from vehicle tests and has proven itself several times in the development of vehicles and systems .


  • Analytical determination of operational loads

  • Numerical determination of operating loads

  • Loads for dynamic driving maneuvers and abuse

  • Determination of cutting loads using multi-body simulation

  • Validation with measurement data from real tests


Multi-body simulations are a versatile tool in the development process. The effect of complex mechanical assemblies can be examined here. Areas of application are traditionally the development of chassis kinematics , but also complete vehicle models or vibration analyzes on the drive train


  • Kinematics simulation

  • Overall vehicle simulation

  • Vibration transmission and analysis

  • Virtual test benches

  • K&C simulation

  • NVH consideration


Virtual vehicle tests are increasingly taking on the role of real driving tests. They are cheaper, take less time and can be carried out early in the development process, regardless of external conditions such as climate or hardware availability.
In our company, vehicle development is always accompanied by vehicle simulation. In this way, the progress of development can be constantly monitored and an increasingly refined model provides reliable information about the later nature of the real product. Without even having to produce a hardware component.



  • Lap time simulation

  • Driving maneuvers

  • Concept validation

  • Parameter optimization

  • Virtual vehicle testing

  • K&C

  • NVH




As one of only a few companies worldwide certified by the World Motor Sports Authority FIA for the calculation of safety structures, we check important component functions using finite element analysis.

  • CAD Preprocessing

  • Modal Analysis

  • Harmonic Response Analysis

  • Random Vibration Analysis

  • Linear Static Analysis

  • Topology Optimization

  • Nonlinear Static Analysis

  • Composite Materials

  • Transient Mechanics

  • Explicit Dynamics (Crash Analysis)

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