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Body kits made of CFRP in OEM quality

Carbon fiber has a 150-year history. It really came onto the scene in 1970 and its potential became clear from the 1990s onwards. At that time, due to technological advances, the material became higher quality and the costs lower.

Since then, the automotive industry has used the reinforcing properties of carbon fiber, which, in combination with special resins, becomes a light, stiff and durable fiber composite material. Initially only used in motorsport, CFRP soon conquered the after-sales market for high-priced sports cars and ultimately found its way into series production by OEMs.

We have already developed and manufactured individual components and chassis systems for each of these areas. From design based on 3D scanning, to kit development in CAD, mold making and component production right up to the finished carbon component - everything from a single source.

We are proud of this and also of the fact that we can support our customers with homologation issues so that the later parts certificate is just a formality.

The incorporation of organic fibers instead of carbon fibers is a new trend that makes the composite material more sustainable - both in its production and in its disposal. For example, we have already had very good experiences with flax fiber and the parts produced are beautiful. More on that soon!

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