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Components and systems for off-road vehicles

Refinement or finishing—no matter what you call it—the post-processing of a component is often just as important as its design and material selection. This is especially true when it comes to longevity, not just aesthetics!

This is particularly significant for wear parts in the exterior vehicle area and should be carefully considered during the design phase.

Otherwise, the well-known saying “Buy cheap, buy twice!” can quickly become a reality for customers. It is even more frustrating when the initial purchase wasn’t even cheap...

Our goal as product developers is to manufacture components and systems for our commercial and private customers that adhere to the following principles:

As product developers, our aim is therefore to manufacture components and systems that follow the credo for both our commercial and private customers:

  • Improved functionality

  • Durable construction

  • Maximum protection against fatigue and corrosion

  • Good value for money

Whether it's for use on off-road vehicles, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, or other mobility concepts — sustainability for us also means resource conservation through durability!

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