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Design of E/E systems in vehicle development

Did you know that in a modern car, there are up to 100 control devices and 8 km of cables?

This means that many subsystems have to be combined to form an efficient, energy-saving E/E system. Not least to ensure that all comfort and safety-relevant components function reliably.

Fahrzeugentwicklung E/E-Systeme Bordnetz

Therefore, our E/E engineers‘ tasks are multifaceted:

  • design of intelligent energy managment system

  • complex system design (E/E architecture, networking, energy network, energy management strategy, electromagnetic compatibility analysis & validation)

  • integration of on-board electrical system components

  • integration and testing of electronic components and subsystems

  • new system integration

  • developing prototype wiring harness and special testing equipment

This field of competence will rapidly evolve in future as cars become more and more rolling computers. Or will the trend eventually reverse?


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