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Electric mobility in local public transportation – a sustainable model for the future?

The Hamburg project "Zukunftstaxi" clearly demonstrates one thing: major cities are striving to convert local public transportation in to electric or hydrogen mobility promptly.

Starting from January 1, 2025, only emissions-free taxis will be newly licensed in Hamburg. The city has been supporting this transition since 2021, and over 15% of Hamburg's taxis have already made the switch.


The prototype "ID-Taxi," an electric taxi from 2013, in which we were involved in the development, has already provided a glimpse of how electric mobility in local public transportation could look in the future.


In addition to the exterior, we were responsible for the development of the curved A-pillar-free panoramic windshield and the maintenance of the vehicle.


Further technical facts of the taxi/shuttle study include:

Body and chassis made of carbon in "one-shot" technology

• Body consisting of only 11 individual parts in total

100% electric drive with a range of up to 400 km

Battery quick-change system (arranged centrally under the vehicle floor)

• Electric, adjustable, two-part "Gull-Wing" rear door

With its flat vehicle floor, comfortable entry, and spacious, open interior, the ID Taxi aimed to showcase the possibilities of environmentally friendly public transportation.

We are very curious to see how the urban taxi world will develop and whether the charging infrastructure might still become a showstopper.

More sustainable mobility concepts:


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