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The field of tension in the development of lightweight systems made of fibre composite materials

Just as there is a ‘magic triangle’ in project management, there are also three areas of tension in the development and design of lightweight construction systems made of fibre composite materials:

  • Technical requirements

  • Economic requirements

  • Production technology requirements

lightweight, design, composite material

The aim here is to find the best possible combination of available materials in terms of subsequent function and producibility of the available materials, the design and the process-optimised system structure.

Many years of expertise and detailed know-how in materials science and design help in the efficient development of fibre composite structures. However, it is at least as important to know the regulatory requirements regarding safety standards and authorisation regulations in detail.

However, development companies can not only demonstrate their innovativeness with expert knowledge of proven fibre composite materials, but should also show customers solutions with sustainable and recyclable materials wherever possible. Of course, these solutions operate in an even narrower field of tension, but a holistic view of the product life cycle can generate competitive and image advantages for both customers and service providers.

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