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Virtual validation of chassis safety structures

Virtual validation plays an increasingly significant role in product development, especially for costly prototypes. With the assistance of AI, simulation programs are becoming more powerful, providing engineers with more opportunities to simulate and assess the performance, safety, and functionality of products, thereby facilitating more efficient development processes.

In the video, you see a brief overview of chassis elements already calculated by us, such as front and rear frames, tubular and space frames.

Finite Element Method (FEM) calculations and crash simulations contribute to faster and more cost-effective product development for the following reasons:

  • potential issues can be identified and resolved in early stages of development.

  • less time and resources are invested in manufacturing and destroying physical prototypes, thus reducing development time.

  • preparatory documents simplify subsequent certification, homologation, or expert evaluations of components and assemblies.

These advantages are particularly evident in automotive development, especially in motorsports.

Only 21 companies worldwide are approved by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to calculate safety structures in motorsports. For this purpose, we have meticulously validated our calculation method with real experiments and obtained approval from the FIA.


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