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Workshop at the vocational school centre Wasserburg a.Inn

That was a lot of fun! 😊

As part of a two-day workshop, we visited the vocational school centre in Wasserburg am Inn. Here, students are taught the "technical product design" apprenticeship specialising in "product design and construction".


On the first day of the workshop, teachers were given an introduction to the topics of strak, styling and CAS. We demonstrated the entire process: from the 3D scan and its processing to the design model in ICEM Shape Design.

In the second part, we gave the interested vocational students an insight into the topic of "reverse engineering". The REE process was again based on a digitalised component, the geometry of which was then reconstructed in CAD using reverse engineering.

Possible manufacturing processes and their characteristics rounded off the successful training.

We would like to thank the BSZ Wasserburg for this great experience and our employee Tobias - former trainee and student at the BSZ - for his commitment!

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