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Chassis development for cars and commercial vehicles

Always in search of the right balance between driving dynamics, comfort, and stability.

The development of high-performance chassis for automobiles and commercial vehicles and their system integration is one of our core competencies.

In this context, it is important to consider and implement the following engineering tasks holistically during the chassis development process for cars and commercial vehicles:

  • layout and kinematics,

  • suspension design for cars and commercial vehicles,

  • rigorous testing through advanced chassis simulations,

  • prototype building and

  • real-world driving tests.

Especially for air suspension systems, we have had the opportunity to develop not only for small series but also for major OEMs.

No matter what challenge in the chassis field, the primary goal is always to achieve an optimal balance between:

  • accurate control,

  • outstanding comfort, and

  • unmatched performance.

More information about this topic here.

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